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i have a wedding to go to and i need jewelry for this cute cheap dress i bought just for this occasion.  but what can i get for under $20?

well, i see these colorful wooden bead necklaces everywhere, ranging from $14-$55.  so i thought i’d try and make one.  shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

materials needed:

geometric wooden beads- 10/$2.50

small wooden beads- 25/$1.75

craft paint- $1.19/bottle, only used a little of each color

modge podge sealer- $5.99/bottle, only used a squirt of it

chain(s)- $3.50

q-tips and a box (or styrofoam for base)- pennies

i mounted each bead to a q-tip and using a small foam brush, painted a coat of color on each, then stuck them upright in the box top to dry.  i just used an old mailing box and a pencil to poke holes.  worked great.


3 coats were applied.  i picked fun bold accent colors for the 2 beads because i think they will be a fun contrast to the cobalt blue shoes i’ll be wearing.  (i hope)



after all the beads were thoroughly dry, one coat of modge podge was applied to give it a bit of a sheen (and some protection so the paint won’t scratch away during the wedding party and make me look like a diy fool)


voila! my own beaded necklace that cost me approximately $6.50 total!!!


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