watercolor masking fluid 2…

trumpet painting

i’m really enjoying this technique….painted a piece for my father-in-law of my son playing his trumpet.


heart day…


happy happy valentine’s day!!! may your day be filled with love and sweets.

paper cutting…


Paper Cut by UK based artist Lydia Crook

i love chinese paper cutting and when we travel to china, i always look for a fun piece for our house.  the art of chinese paper cutting dates back to when paper was first invented in china around A.D. 100.  used to express well wishes and good fortune, symbols and images are cut using either a knife or scissors.  they are given as gifts, hung in windows for decorations, and placed around the home for special occasions.

photo 1

1 in a set of 3 beijing opera masks

photo 3

image of a traditional chinese court dining area cut out of one large piece of paper

this one i did for my husband’s office since we were both born in the year of the rat.  it wasn’t easy and i was forced to fold the paper to get the complete cut done.  this disappointed me as it left a fold in the image.  i’ve seen people cut intricate designs without folding or guidance, and their talents are truly amazing.

while perusing www.etsy.com, i came across the work of UK based artist Lydia Crook (shown above post) and i love it! clean, beautiful, whimsical, and fun.


you can view and purchase her work here.


what i’m in love with…

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