batik making class….

during our stay in bali over spring break, we met a local artisan that collects antique batik and upcycles the fabric into clothes, bags, and other textile goods.  she also creates her own batik and is incredibly talented.  

we visited bali 5 years ago and took a wonderful batik making class with an artist in the city of ubud, the art district of bali. his class was great and we created vibrant pieces of our own artwork.  the class though, was rather expensive.  this time i wanted the entire family to experience batik making and we took a private class from this artist.  

batik is a wax-resistant dyeing method where you use these bamboo pens outfitted with metal ink wells at the tip.  you dip the tip into hot wax and carefully draw your design on the fabric, clean white cotton muslin is what we used.  you need to dip the pen periodically to keep the well full of hot wax.  

once your design is fully drawn out, you dye your fabric.  you can do one color or multiple colors.  once the fabric is dyed and dried, you wash the fabric in hot water to release the wax, resulting in an incredible piece of custom art fabric.  

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need a banner super quick?


our school team competed this past weekend in the atlanta dragon boat races up at lake lanier and we needed a banner super last minute.  rather than paying a bazillion dollars for a rush job at a local printer, i decided to just make one.  and it cost less than $10.

all you need:

fabric (even a bed sheet with do)

contact paper

spray paint

i still have lots of fabric left over from my sweet t baby days so i chose a sturdy hemp twill for the banner. then i sized and printed out the letters from my computer, traced them onto the contact paper, and cut them out creating  stencil.  i hand drew our logo and cut that out too.  slowly and carefully peel away the paper backing of the contact paper as you adhere it to the fabric, pressing firmly.  then i went to town with the spray paint, outside of course, and waited patiently for it all to dry.  uber easy and cheap too!

since it’s fabric, should be able to use it again, year after year.

tips: don’t forget to cover all the areas you don’t want spray painted.

mini golf cake….


my first interactive cake!  this one was for my business partner’s belated birthday celebration.  i was told by his wife that if it were up to him, he’d play golf every day for the rest of his life.  so, i had to have fun with that theme, why not a mini-golf theme?

it’s all edible, his head’s fondant-covered rice krispie treats and the golf club & golf balls are gum paste.  

guests had a blast trying to get the balls into his mouth……a little too much fun.  it was hilarious.

what i’m in love with…

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