belly cake…


never thought i’d make a belly cake, only b/c i have a rule not to make a cake that resembles a living person or a normal body part.  think it’s kind of morbid to eat something that’s supposed to be a person, baby, you know.  gross stuff, dead stuff, halloweeny stuff is all ok.

but this was a special request for a special baby shower.


boobs were molded in rice bowls using rice krispie treats.  belly was a cake baked in my stainless steel mixing bowl.




bow and trim were all rolled fondant. also i tucked crumpled up syran wrap under the fondant to create the ruffles. (and of course removed them before the party)

big mistake was painting the fondant and not coloring it before covering the cake.  i thought i would accomplish a uniform pink using food paint….nope, didn’t work.  it was a rainy humid day too and that didn’t help at all either.


luckily the overall cake was a success and it was enjoyed by the mother-to-be.


monster knits!!!


i can’t knit to save my life.  took numerous lessons, made a scarf once, but that’s about it.  each time i pick up knitting needles, i’m lost (b/c for some reason my brain can’t remember the steps).

but boy how i wish i could because the cutest things are knitted and with halloween coming up, i can’t help but stare at these adorable monster knit items on ….

1. AlannaMichelle $28.00

2. MimisBabiesProps $58.

3. MnStyle  $30.00

4. Payley $40.00

baby cake

woo hoo, another baby shower!

even though my two are way past their diaper days, i am lucky to be surrounded by babies.  our beloved PE instructor at the school is expecting her first little bundle of joy so we threw her a baby shower for all the students & parents to shower her with love.

she’s having a girl and i wanted to make a cute cake.  initially i wanted to make a sports-themed cake given that she’s our PE instructor but quickly scratched that for something simple and sweet.

like all my cakes, i purchased a pre-made cake at a big box store and scraped off the generic icing & piping.  i mixed a touch of red color gel into some whipped store bought icing to make the pink and covered the entire cake with the hot pink.

to keep the cake simple, i decided to make a pair of white baby shoes out of gum paste.  i found the pattern for the baby shoes at

it’s hot and humid here in atlanta and my AC was on full blast so i had to use quite a bit of crisco to keep the gum paste from cracking. then i used too much crisco and the gum paste was too gooey.  sadly, i just couldn’t get the right texture and the shoes ultimately started to crack when it dried.

i sized the pattern on my computer before printing it out and then used a roller cutter to cut the pattern pieces out of the gum paste.  make sure you have a right & left shoe!

i used crumbled plastic wrap and paper towel balls and tucked them into the shoes to keep the form during the drying process. this was challenging.  notice how the toe of the shoes are a bit droopy? that was a bummer.

for a touch of color i made pink & yellow buttons out of colored gum paste and then added a little message using left over icing colored with yellow gel.

what i’m in love with…

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