holiday weekend, no plans? craft!

well, it’s been far too long since i’ve carved out some time for myself to dabble. so i figured i would blow the dust off my sewing machine, open up a new package of foam brushes and finally make my daughter some pillow covers.

i love browsing through IKEA‘s As-Is section for accessories and fabric remnants.  picked up 2 throw pillows for $2.99 each and 2 plain white pillow covers for $0.99 each.  total steal.  (actually the covers were far thinner than i wanted but for the price, you really can’t be too picky).



cases had to be resized to fit the smaller throw pillows. i cut the seams and repositioned the flap opening and then sewed all seams for reinforcement.

using painter’s tape, i cut and created a graphic design.  i had nothing in particular in mind, just spontaneously taped and created.  it was fun.  make sure you press the tape down firmly so your paint won’t bleed.


normally i would use a screen to print ink onto the fabric but was a bit lazy.  instead i just thinned the acrylic neon pink ink with a touch of water.  using a foam brush, i lightly dabbed the areas being careful not to glob it on or push the paint under the tape.


once the paint is dry, peel the tape off very carefully.  let it dry a little longer, set it by running a hot dry iron on the backside of the fabric for about 20-25 seconds.  (keep the iron moving, you don’t want to scorch the fabric).


now my daughter will have a pop of color on her daybed in her bedroom.  she better like it.


tis the season….

relax sacks

to gift all the amazing teachers in your life.  i adore all of my children’s teachers and for all the things they do for them during most of their waking hours, i always like to do a little something for them during the holidays.

i’ve done the cookie/brownie mix jars, boxes of homemade cookies, candles, and handmade gifts from the children.  so this year, i decided to resurrect my sewing machine and create something fun and hopefully useful- hot/cold packs filled with lavender scented flaxseed and rice.  i call them RELAX SACKS.

materials needed:
sewing machinenatural fabric (exterior and lining)flaxseed and ricelavender essential oil, or any scent you like and find soothingmulti-surface craft paintsfavorite stamp, or to make your own: carve blocks and carving tools

i took a fun trip to the local quilt shop, intown quilters, and bought a stack of cute printed fat quarters.

photo 1

sacks were measured and cut to 4.5″ x 11″.  i used organic cotton as the top fabric and as the liner for each sack.  sew around 3 sides leaving an opening big enough for a funnel.   i carved a RELAX stamp out of a carve block and used craft paint to stamp onto each sack.


to scent the flaxseed and rice mix, i poured them into a large ziploc bag and dropped the essential oil, enough to lightly coat the grains.  organic flaxseed and rice can be purchased at most grocery stores and lavender essential oil can be purchased at any natural food store.  i used a small funnel and filled each back 2/3 up.

photo 3

oh, i forgot.  i ironed the sacks before filling them and this helped create a crisp seam at the opening.  this is helpful when you stitch the sack closed.

photo 4

top stitch the opening or if you’re good at sewing, hand stitch a hidden seam.  i used red thread for fun and top stitched all the openings.

photo 3

to wrap the sacks i reused brown shopping bags that i’ve collected and just sewed an enclosed pocket for each sack, with description and instructions included.

photo 4

hope they enjoy these!!!

photo 5

need a banner super quick?


our school team competed this past weekend in the atlanta dragon boat races up at lake lanier and we needed a banner super last minute.  rather than paying a bazillion dollars for a rush job at a local printer, i decided to just make one.  and it cost less than $10.

all you need:

fabric (even a bed sheet with do)

contact paper

spray paint

i still have lots of fabric left over from my sweet t baby days so i chose a sturdy hemp twill for the banner. then i sized and printed out the letters from my computer, traced them onto the contact paper, and cut them out creating  stencil.  i hand drew our logo and cut that out too.  slowly and carefully peel away the paper backing of the contact paper as you adhere it to the fabric, pressing firmly.  then i went to town with the spray paint, outside of course, and waited patiently for it all to dry.  uber easy and cheap too!

since it’s fabric, should be able to use it again, year after year.

tips: don’t forget to cover all the areas you don’t want spray painted.

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