photoshop pen tool…fun!

pen tool

okay, so i’m not a trained photoshopper (if that’s a term).  i’m not well-versed in how to video my screen while i work in photoshop.  so basically this post is somewhat useless b/c there are no valuable tips, video tutorials, or screen shots of my work.  sorry.

i am having fun though playing around with the pen tool and trying out new things and luckily there are so many websites out there that offer the most user-friendly tutorials for photoshop.  like:

actually, i do have 1 tip: take notes.  i send myself notes to my email (after my hard drive crashed, i email everything to myself now).  any new actions, shortcuts, and sequences of commands that i learn, i include them in an email, creating my own photoshop reference list.  that way, i’m not searching through websites and blogs for something i’ve learned already.

the girls liked their personalized new year cards, but i did admit i need to work on my coloring!


colorsplash app…


i have so much fun with photo editing apps.  many to choose from, all easy to use.  colorsplash is one of my favorites.

what i’m in love with…

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