>compost luncheon


i found these 2 beautiful butterflies munching away on our food scraps out on our back deck.

i guess i’ll let them nibble a bit more before it goes to the compost.

surprisingly, our chickies are not into our ‘leftovers’….



poor little fella, the kids found this white head bee in our yard missing a wing. white heads don’t sting so the kids were excited to hold him. with the help of their father, they nailed together scrap wooden blocks to make a little shelter for him on our deck. sadly he did not live much longer.

zoe was sooooo proud of herself for holding the bee- the girl takes after me and screeches at just the sight of a bug. i like that she was wearing her ‘save my planet’ t-shirt. this one’s a keeper.

what i’m in love with…

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