moroccan camel cake…


first 4-legged cake ever! and it was fun to make.

a camel cake was requested for my niece’s sweet 16 moroccan-themed party. i wanted to challenge myself and do one standing. i figured pipes and some form of a platform would definitely be required.

as always i turned to google to get ideas and lo and behold, a blogger posted their steps to when they made a standing camel cake…also for a moroccan party! phew!

thank you, Bananas in My Freezer

i used pvc instead and drew out the scale of the cake. *the neck turned out to be too lonng so i marked it and cut it down.


instead of fondant i made modelling chocolate- first time and i loved it. super easy to make and use.


24oz bag of white Wilton candy melts

1/2 cup of corn syrup

1. pour melts into microwave safe bowl and heat on high for 1 minute. stir and return to heat for 30 seconds. stir until all pieces melt. *key is to complete the melting with stirring and not over heat the melts in the microwave.

2. heat the corn syrup in a microwave safe cup/container at 20 seconds. *key is to get both ingredients warmed to the same temperature. i just used my fingers to test.

*if you want this entire batch to be the same color, i suggest you add color now. i found this to be a super easy way to make the colored modelling chocolate. add gel color to the corn syrup and stir.

3. pour corn syrup into the center of the melted candy melts. using a rubber spatula, start stirring slowly scraping sides continuously. you do not have to overmix. actually, i just stirred it until it became uniform and firm and stopped. *if you overstir, you run the risk of destroying the batch.

4. pour the stiffened chocolate (will be a soft ball) onto saran wrap and wrap tightly. i flattened the ball to help it set faster.  leave out at room temperature.

5. after an hour, unwrap and knead knead knead. once the modelling chocolate is kneaded into a nice consitent ball of “clay”, wrap tightly inplastic or ziplock bag. now you can use it whenever you are ready.


i initially considered using cake as the hump but was really concerned about strength since the cake had to survive a 5 hr drive. so instead i just used rice krispie treats.

i intentionally made the pvc legs 2.5″ longer knowing that the camel would need to be placed into a sheet cake. so i cut down a shoebox 2.5″ high, cut holes in it for the legs and covered it in parchment paper. i set the frame in the holes and used that as a temporary base and built the camel up from there.



i molded the rkt into the hump/body, spread a layer of icing on the body platform and set the camel body on to harden.



using the modeling chocolate i started to add pieces to create the head, neck, and thighs. then once the shape was formed, i covered the camel in the final colored modelling chocolate in pieces.

seriously, this stuff is so easy to use, just like clay.  no seams, rips, or cracks like fondant.

now, it was a rainy day and the humidity was torture on the modellingn chocolate. so definitely try to keep your room dry and a tad cool.

i wore gloves to avoid fingerprints and used parchment paper to help smooth out areas. i couldnt for the life of me make the camel completely smooth, the humidity just made it way too soft to even out nicely.



i did though use fondant for the tapestry hung over the hump and for the harness. decorating markers came in handy too to decorate the tapestry.

the sheet cake was made and decorated by my niece’s grandmother.




luckily her cake was super dense and was able to hold up the heavy camel. also, the party hall was dimly lit so no one could really see all the flaws in the finished camel 🙂


squirrel cake…

IMG_6569i admit “squirrel” cake does not sound very appealing BUT the story behind it is hilarious if i don’t say so myself.

my husband sweats over his garden but the squirrels keep getting to his goodies, and it drives him mad.  he has even attempted to stop the squirrels with our daughter’s play bow and arrows, with zero success of stopping them.

so for his birthday cake my son and i thought it would be funny to tease him with a squirrel cake enjoying some fresh veggies…and with a few arrows laying beside him.

i didn’t have much time to make this cake and you can tell, it’s not the neatest work i’ve done but the end result was terribly gratifying. he was tickled.


basketball cupcakes…



my baby turned 10! still can’t believe it.

he asked me to make cake for his class, i thought ice cream would be easier, but he insisted (even though he really doesn’t even eat cake).  for easy serving and clean-up, we agreed on cupcakes.

i was inspired by these cute basketball pops i found on and figured i would give it a try.  i’ve made bite-sized ball cakes before but i’ve never coated anything with chocolate candy before.


2 cake mixes

1 container of whipped icing

Wilton Candy Melts: orange and chocolate

24 cupcake liners

piping bag or ziplock bag


i used one box of cake mix for the cupcakes and baked according to instructions.  i used the other box and baked it as a large sheet cake.  once it chilled i cut it up into large squares, placed them into a deep mixing bowl and using a fork, crumbled the entire cake.  i added a large scoop of icing and mixed it all together.  you can adjust the amount of icing based on your liking, i didn’t want it to be too creamy, just enough to help hold it all together.


make the balls (pops) just by scooping a bit into your palms and rolling them into balls.  form them tightly so they hold and won’t crumble.  line them on a cookie sheet (you can use parchment paper or silicone mat so they don’t stick).


melt the chocolate candy per instructions.  the microwave worked great for me.  stir until completely melted.  after a few mishaps, i decided to pour the melted candy into a smaller deeper bowl.  i dropped a ball in one at a time, rolled it around using a small fork, then carefully lifted them out and placed them back onto the parchment paper to harden.  at first i used the toothpick method, picking them up and trying to coat them by rolling them in the candy.  what a mess! some broke, the coating became all goopy and messy.  horrible.

to pipe the basketball lines, i melted the chocolate and poured into a piping bag.  you can also pour into a ziplock bag and snip a corner to create your own piping bag.

ziplcok method: hold a ziplock by a bottom corner between your thumb and fingers, fold over the opening and pour your melt into the bag.  by folding over your bag, just like a piping bag, you’ll keep the melt inside the bag and not all over the opening when you close it to pipe.  push the air out and close the ziplock bag.  with a pair of kitchen scissors, snip the bottom corner according to the size you want.  pipe away.

OMG- piping on a circular object is hard! it took a while to get used to it and had i exercised some patience and restraint, i would have practiced on other things first before going directly onto the basketballs.  oh well.  it was fun to do anyhoo.


basketball backboards were created in photoshop, glued onto large wooden toothpicks for each cupcake.


*TIP: if you are driving these to a different location, place them carefully into the car! i placed all the cupcakes neatly into a large cake box but when i put it down into the passenger seat of my car, they all slid into each other.  i completely failed to realize the seat dipped back.  duh!


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