teacher gifts, part 2: relaxation themed-boxes…


these were fun to put together.  i like to do something different every year and our teachers give so much of themselves at school that i’m sure they are all looking forward to winter break.  so i put together relaxation-themed gift boxes for about $10 each.  luckily many of the discount shops carry a good selection of fine chocolates, coffees, and other gift items at great prices.


for our male teachers, their boxes included:

3-D wooden strategy puzzle- $4.99 @ TJ Maxx

variety of fine chocolates- $1.50 @ Target

lottery scratch card- $1.00, local gas station

eco to-go box- $0.50, www.warehouserestaurant.com


for our female teachers, their boxes included:

scented candle in glass jar- $1.25 @ IKEA

skinny martini mixer- $1.25 @ TJ Maxx

coffee sugar scrub (ingredients & instructions here)- $1.50 @ Whole Food Market

tin for scrub- $1.99 @ The Container Store

Lottery Scratch Card- $1.00 @ local gas station

variety of fine chocolates- $1.50 @ Target

eco to-go box- $0.50, www.warehouserestaurant.com

a few years ago on a trip to japan, i purchased and have been hoarding washi tape.  of course now you can purchase similar tapes made from scotch tape at target and office supply stores.  now that i don’t have to be stingy with the tape anymore, i liberally wrapped each box with washi tape.  i made the labels in photoshop and printed them out on sticker paper which i purchased from Office Depot.  so overall they probably cost about $0.15 each.

for our administrators at the school, i bagged tea my husband brought back from a recent trip to taiwan.

almost done.  tomorrow i’ll make cookies and candied popcorn with the kids for our support staff.  yum.


donating fabric scraps…


crafti girl is drowning in scraps!

my home office is literally packed with boxes and bins of fabric scraps.  most of it is from my sweet t baby days when i saved all my production scraps.  all of it is organic: organic cotton, organic hemp/cotton blends, knits and wovens.

i’ve managed to donate some here and there to local programs but the amount is becoming overwhelming. i’ve never had much success locating a company or factory that would take lots of scraps for reproduction.  i always thought that would be the best place for them.  couldn’t they be made into recycled cloths, or even new fabrics? nothing came up locally or in the southeast region.  i certainly wasn’t going to pay to ship this stuff, not only b/c of the weight but because i just think shipping is just excessive. so i just sat on it all, waiting for that moment when i had the energy to deal with it.

it’s that time now to just unload.

luckily, the DIY movement has grown exponentially since i closed my own business.  i have found 2 local groups that will accept scraps of all shapes and sizes to repurpose them into clothes and accessories for babies and children in need.  how perfect.

so this week, it is on my to-do list to contact these groups and arrange for drop-off.



a follow-up post will be forthcoming…hope this works out.

>green shopping


i miss sweet t baby, my organic baby business.  i miss designing the clothes, working with my local manufacturer (a one woman powerhouse), screenprinting, packaging, labeling, all of it.  but most of all, i miss the community of businesses.  a community of like-minded business folks that want to make a difference, be innovative but thoughtful of the environment and all the people around them.  now that i no longer have sweet t baby, i feel a bit lost.

so in my superficial manner of coping with uncomfortable feelings, i eat and shop.  not compulsively, i don’t think i have a problem since most of this eating is nibbling on the kids leftovers and shopping online with an ongoing wishlist.  not much ‘shopping’ is actually being done, which is good for our bank account and my marriage.

FUZ floppy baskets- recycled rubber and wool felt
it has always been a value of mine to shop local and/or green whenever possible so i like to check out all the new ‘green’ businesses popping up everywhere.  we still have a couple rooms in the house that could use a bit of accessorizing, so i always like to start there….

butterfly jubilee wallpaper
how cute would this wallpaper look in zoe’s room? soooo cute!  maybe we can do this wallpaper just on that strip of wall against the head of her bed.  that would look smashing.

rock door knocker
we just installed a new door since our old one was damaged during our home renovation job.  the old door had wonderful vintage hardware but the original door knocker could not be salvaged.  i like this modern look of the rock knocker….but just not sure if it would match the arts and crafts detailing of the door….hm….maybe i can make it work.

what i’m in love with…

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