chicken coop expansion…

building out the frame of the addition to the coop. zoe enjoying her book atop her treehouse, another unfinished project on our to-do list.

our 5 chickies are finally getting an addition to their coop! both India and boo are americanas and they are huge…bigger than nori, our cochin.  poor things have been “cooped up” after we stopped letting them free range this past spring.  they need more space.

so after months of procrastinating, we finally started the process of expanding their home.  now we decided to participate in this year’s Urban Coop Tour in Atlanta, benefiting Georgia Organics and the Oakhurst Garden.  clearly this was the incentive we needed.  it’s coming up in like 3 weeks.

this wasn’t the one-day project i thought it was going to be, with the kids running around, it’s hard not to get distracted. now i say “we” but it’s really josh.  i just designed the thing, he’s building it.

i’ll post more photos when “we” are done.


treats for chickens…


our chickens are part of our family and many of our friends feel the same way about their feathered friends.  so let’s not forget about them this holiday season.

a friend asked if i would make her chickies a stocking for little treats.  of course my son thinks we should have one for our chickens and lizard…..i guess i have more sewing to do!




we have 2 new chicks joining the family.  meet boo & india.  our cute little easter eggers just a few weeks old.

during the week they live in one of the kindergarten classes at school and we bring them home for the weekends.

they are busy little creatures, yapping all day long, making a mess of their food and water, and even flying out of their brooder.

it was beautiful weekend so we took them out back for them to play under the sun and scratch in the grass.  they were so cute!

school’s out in 4 weeks and we’ll bring them home before then i’m sure as they are quickly outgrowing their brooder and will soon be ready to meet the ladies of the coop: nori, matilda, and misty.  that’ll be interesting!

what i’m in love with…

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