>oooh…did you do that?


yup, i did that….because i just couldn’t spend money on art for this wall. hours were spent drooling over art found online and more hours were spent fantasizing about certain pieces hanging above our bed.
the wall called for something simple as i didn’t want anything to distract from the custom headboard pokes made for me after we moved into our house- as you can tell, we have since upgraded to a king-sized bed but have not gotten around to ‘expanding’ the headboard.
so i decided to add my personal touch and make my own art. inspiration was drawn by so many of the beautiful floor to ceiling wall decals i found online of tall trees. they are hot these days but they too can be a bit pricey. i grabbed some painters tape and free-formed the trunk and branches of a tree. painters tape is great as it bends and curves rather easily, you just need to press down firmly with one hand as you move along with the other. if you don’t like it, just gently pull it off and start over. easy peasy. i then cut random pieces of tape to form the impression of bark. once everything was taped i just painted the tree white using left over trim paint in the house. i used a rather small roller for a smooth and even finish.
for the birdies i drew them onto contact paper and cut them out using a small pair of scissors to create a stencil. contact paper is easy to cut and once you peel the backing off, you can stick it just about anywhere. i wanted the deep orange color and purchased a small sample jar of paint from our local hardware shop for less than $3. after painting the birds i gently peeled off the stencil contact paper when the paint dried.
voila! wall art for less than $5.

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