veggies veggies veggies

my hubbies garden goodies

the garden this year is doing great.  josh had a tough time last year getting it going and it didn’t help that the chickies would feast in the box b/c he failed to fence it.  but this year, he went a little overboard with the protection and it paid off.

he planted: cucumbers, peppers, squash, tomatoes, edamame, and bok choy.  i don’t have an image but the first batch of edamame was the best edamame i’ve ever had.  they were smaller, sweeter, and so delicious.

Baker Seed Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers the largest selection of heirloom varieties in the U.S.A.  their seed catalog is so beautifully illustrated and customer service is excellent.  visit their website at and have fun shopping, gardening, and eating!


i LOVE to eat…

any excuse to go out and eat!!!

now we go out  A LOT and so i was excited to start marking away at the checklist thinking we’ve been to many of the restaurants listed.  i highlighted the places we’ve been to and surprisingly, we haven’t been to half of them. now it’s a mission to go at least once to every place mentioned.

plants vs. zombies cake

fallen zombies, potato spuds, cherry bombs…

yup, here’s another cake.  i’m in a cake phase for sure.

i helped my sister with my nephew’s birthday cake and since he was having a party at the botanical gardens up in new york, we thought a garden box would be cute and the kids could dig their piece out with their own trowel.

but once we started planning out the colors and rolling out fondant, my sister proceeds to tell me she had a dream the night before about plants vs. zombies.  what? what’s that? i had NO idea.  it’s a game on the ipad that not only is my sister addicted to, so is my nephew.  so i said it was a sign and that we should definitely make a plants vs. zombies cake.  and we did.  it was a blast!

my sister’s corn catapult & pea shooters, so spot on!

zombies being destroyed shortly after emerging from the dirt

post-party souvenir…i think it’s still stuck on a chopstick in my sister’s kitchen


box cake mix

store-bought cake icing with green food coloring for the grass

crushed oreo cookies for the dirt

50/50 store-bought fondant & gum paste for the figures, mixed with color gels, all bought in the cake section of michaels

what i’m in love with…

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