repurposed halloween baby dolls…


so i now have 2 bins full of baby dolls that we used to decorate our yard a couple years in a row.  they were dirtied up, painted, mutilated, etc. to create creepy dolls.

well, we didn’t want to do that again but certainly couldn’t just leave them lifeless in their bins.

so as always, i took to pinterest and gathered up ideas to repurpose them into wall art to hang inside the house.

first a took a quick trip to our local thrift shop on their 1/2 off day and purchased a number of picture frames in different sizes.  i also used old cardboard to create frames as well as some of the ones I purchased wound up to be too small.

FullSizeRenderusing spray paint, wire, nails, paint, trim,   and a needle and embroidery thread, I went to work and mutilated the dolls even more and adhered them to the frames using a combination of glue and wire.

FullSizeRender (1)

more were made and then they were all hung in clusters around the house…made for great creepy decor for our halloween party!


bloody pig head cake…

   photo 4 photo 5

yeah, sounds gross but it was for halloween.  as always, i feel the need to come up with some gruesome cake for our annual halloween party.  what’s grosser than a raw pig head?

of course i used red velvet cake mix for the head itself.  i covered the head with marshmallow fondant, first time ever making my own marshmallow fondant and it was super easy, super cheap, but not as easy to color. this was tinted pinkish peach to look fleshy.

photo 1

using a mixture of deep red and brown food paints, the head was colored with a scrunched up paper towel dipped in the paints.  this technique really gave it a just-butchered raw look.

photo 2

photo 3

and…the filter on my iphone help make it look grosser when i photographed it 🙂

halloween soup cake…


had fun making our halloween birthday cake this year.  wanted to do something food-related and was inspired by a cake i saw on Pinterest a few months ago.

the bowl cake itself is red velvet cake, bowl exterior and gross body parts are all fondant.  i used gum paste for the spoon so it would harden and keep its shape.

i attempted sugar glaze for the first time and poured it over the soup to make it look gooey and soupy…but it failed miserably.  i think it was too thin, not sure.  it barely even left a glossy look on top.  i really shouldn’t make anything from scratch, i’m just not good at it.

my daughter ate a left over finger after the party but that was pretty much all that was left.

happy halloween!

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