photoshop pen tool…fun!

pen tool

okay, so i’m not a trained photoshopper (if that’s a term).  i’m not well-versed in how to video my screen while i work in photoshop.  so basically this post is somewhat useless b/c there are no valuable tips, video tutorials, or screen shots of my work.  sorry.

i am having fun though playing around with the pen tool and trying out new things and luckily there are so many websites out there that offer the most user-friendly tutorials for photoshop.  like:

actually, i do have 1 tip: take notes.  i send myself notes to my email (after my hard drive crashed, i email everything to myself now).  any new actions, shortcuts, and sequences of commands that i learn, i include them in an email, creating my own photoshop reference list.  that way, i’m not searching through websites and blogs for something i’ve learned already.

the girls liked their personalized new year cards, but i did admit i need to work on my coloring!



my favorite wall in the house. it took me a while to get this up on the wall of our master bedroom….mostly because i kept putting it off. purchasing the frames from IKEA took one afternoon. they have a wonderful selection of inset frames and i wanted all white for a crisp look against our gray walls.

selecting the actual photos took some thought of course as i wanted to make sure both kids had equal representation, i didn’t want to be accused of playing favorites and all. we travel quite a bit so i definitely wanted to showcase some of our favorite vacation moments.

to layout the frames i actually used the floor for convenience. once i had the frames set up the way i wanted, i took a picture of it. then it all got pushed to the corner of the room for weeks before we mustered the interest to start hammering, leveling, and hanging. pokes started with the 2 largest frames and we worked off of those using my photo as a reference. we used hanging nails for the larger frames, which are rather heavy. but for the smaller frames, we just used the removable 3M velcro hanging strips. i love love love these strips and use them all over the house so we don’t have to poke holes in our walls if we don’t have to. they are fantabulous.

on lazy mornings and quiet evenings, i will find myself laying in bed gazing at this wall with a big smile on my face. my babies are growing up too fast.

what i’m in love with…

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