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it’s been over a week since mother’s day and i keep reliving that day in my head over and over and over again.
the kids showered me with handmade cards with cute renditions of me with short hair, long hair, bald, stick-figured, in full skirts, and always smiling. very sweet, but kinda makes me feel bad about the last time i fussed with them over something or other. which is quite frequent in this household.
this is the card my 6 year old son made me in school in chinese class. it says ‘i love my mommy’. i love it! i displayed this one with the beautiful peonies i bought for myself in our dining room.
that day was spent at piedmont park and it was a gorgeous spring day. the kids biked, threw the ball with their dad, ran around in the playground, ate a good lunch, and i just chilled in the sun with the dog. it was my kinda day. the day ended with a trip to morelli’s, our local ice cream shop for a scoop, we just can’t have a day at the park without ice cream at some point.
well that special day has come and gone- boy i wish we had mother’s day every month. now the pink peonies are on their way to our compost but all those sweet handmade cards are safely put away in the kids’ momento boxes. hopefully in a few years when we rummage through these boxes, my son will be able to read his card to me!

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