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chinese new year is January 31, 2014 this year…first day of the new moon.  there are many simple crafts that kids can do to help decorate for this big holiday.  colored paper, glue, string, is all you need.  make paper lanterns in many different sizes, string them up, and your home will immediately be transformed into a colorful festive space.

photo 4super easy to make:

1. start with a piece of colored paper.  recycle old magazines with graphic images or even use scrapbook paper with a print.

2. fold paper lengthwise in half. *tip: the longer the paper, the fatter the lantern.

3. cut from the fold up leaving at least an inch from the top of the paper.

4.  unfold the cut paper.


1. bring both ends together creating the lantern body.

2. secure the top of each end with glue, tape, or even staples.

3. push down a few times gently to create the lantern shape.


create clusters of varying sized lanterns as a centerpiece, or punch holes and string them up as a garland across the doorway.

here are some more fun crafts you can do at home:

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