repurposed halloween baby dolls…


so i now have 2 bins full of baby dolls that we used to decorate our yard a couple years in a row.  they were dirtied up, painted, mutilated, etc. to create creepy dolls.

well, we didn’t want to do that again but certainly couldn’t just leave them lifeless in their bins.

so as always, i took to pinterest and gathered up ideas to repurpose them into wall art to hang inside the house.

first a took a quick trip to our local thrift shop on their 1/2 off day and purchased a number of picture frames in different sizes.  i also used old cardboard to create frames as well as some of the ones I purchased wound up to be too small.

FullSizeRenderusing spray paint, wire, nails, paint, trim,   and a needle and embroidery thread, I went to work and mutilated the dolls even more and adhered them to the frames using a combination of glue and wire.

FullSizeRender (1)

more were made and then they were all hung in clusters around the house…made for great creepy decor for our halloween party!


spooky halloween party….

butchers: inspired by a bill the butcher from gangs of new york costume

i love a reason to have a party and halloween is our family’s favorite holiday of the year.

every year we collect items to decorate the house and as always, i’ll add some home made goodies here and there so it doesn’t look like target threw up in our livingroom.  throwing an adult-only costume party was a great motivator to make things i’ve been inspired by on tv and online.

party food:

gotta serve brain, right?

my husband wanted to carve a watermelon into a brain…but neither of us had ever done that before.  so thank goodness for google! i found this image and corresponding instructable). he placed this on a platter and served watermelon around it.  wished we had soaked it in vodka and served it that way.  that would have been yum!

more brains…

i decoupaged these styrofoam heads with coffee-stained cheesecloth, thanks for martha stewart.  but to make it creepier, i scooped out the heads to serve dip.

guts, anybody?

5 years ago i made this little stuffed doll to serve as a dipping bowl for a friend’s halloween party.  the bowl sits snuggly in her belly.

party cake….cake details can be found here.

his last name starts with an h

it so happens that our good friend’s birthday is halloween.  so i decided to make him a little cake for the party and a rat cake came to mind (really have no idea how that happened).  the goal was to make a gross looking rat in a trap but i had great difficulty with this particular cake batter and it kept crumbling when i attempted to shape and ice the “rat”.  so it turned out to look like a cute little mouse rather than a rat.  then all the trap pieces i made out of gum paste started to break…it was just not my cake day.  oh, and when my husband held the cake out for us to sing happy birthday, he dropped it onto the floor.  poor little mousy.

ubiquitous carved pumpkins:

we almost went this year without carving pumpkins, just got busy with party preparations.  but got a burst of energy the day of the party and my husband grabbed 2 pumpkins off our porch and helped empty them out for me.

that's a rat hanging out of its mouth

i’ve always wanted to do one of these scraped carved type pumpkins and luckily we had some simple blockprint carving tools at home for me to use.  this was fun to do, i think next year i’ll do more.

we placed this one outside to greet our guests.


old pumpkin…lots of character

i cut this pumpkin a bit too early last year and neglected to rub any petroleum jelly or spray bleach to keep it from molding.  but i have to say, as halloween approached, it took on a creepy old gremlin look as it started to rot.  thought about doing the same this year but was too lazy to cut pumpkins early, oh well.

btw- that’s me sitting on the right side chair.  i sat there still to mimic the stuffed man next to me (which sits on our porch religiously for weeks before halloween).  i scared every trick-or-treater that ventured onto our porch and it was hilarious!!! this year, we’re going to do something totally different…got to keep scaring the little ones, otherwise what’s the point?


what i’m in love with…

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