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school auction is coming up and we are collecting for a Stock the Bar raffle…anything for your home bar.  so in addition to a few bottles of wine and booze, i thought i’d contribute a set of etched glasses.  just for fun.


i looked up how to toast in different languages and formatted the words in different fonts.


i traced each word onto the right side of contact paper using a fine tip permanent marker and adhered each word onto each glass.  with an exacto knife, i slowly cut away each letter carefully.(see detailed instructions from my star wars cups here).

etcing cream

using a small brush, i covered the letters with etching cream and let it sit for 5-7 minutes.  under cool water, the cream was washed away and the contact paper carefully pulled off.  with a dry paper towel, i wiped the area really clean to remove any residue.  it sort of buffs the area as well.


ta da! really, an easy peasy project and fun way to personalize glassware.

materials needed:

glassware, cleaned and dried (purchase a set of 4 drinking glasses at Ross for $3.99)

exacto knife

clear contact paper

armour etching cream


fun holiday gifts


Here’s a quickie fun and personal gift…etched glassware. To keep it simple, since they have different taste, I just etched their last initials making a set of 4 for each family. Total cost, approximately $5.20 each set!

target glassware, box of 12: $19.99

etching cream, armour etch: $11.00 (but only used an itty bitty bit of it for the initials)

contact paper for the stencil, $4.99 (but used only a 10″x10″ piece)

instructions? check out my post on custom birthday party glasses

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