basketball cupcakes…



my baby turned 10! still can’t believe it.

he asked me to make cake for his class, i thought ice cream would be easier, but he insisted (even though he really doesn’t even eat cake).  for easy serving and clean-up, we agreed on cupcakes.

i was inspired by these cute basketball pops i found on and figured i would give it a try.  i’ve made bite-sized ball cakes before but i’ve never coated anything with chocolate candy before.


2 cake mixes

1 container of whipped icing

Wilton Candy Melts: orange and chocolate

24 cupcake liners

piping bag or ziplock bag


i used one box of cake mix for the cupcakes and baked according to instructions.  i used the other box and baked it as a large sheet cake.  once it chilled i cut it up into large squares, placed them into a deep mixing bowl and using a fork, crumbled the entire cake.  i added a large scoop of icing and mixed it all together.  you can adjust the amount of icing based on your liking, i didn’t want it to be too creamy, just enough to help hold it all together.


make the balls (pops) just by scooping a bit into your palms and rolling them into balls.  form them tightly so they hold and won’t crumble.  line them on a cookie sheet (you can use parchment paper or silicone mat so they don’t stick).


melt the chocolate candy per instructions.  the microwave worked great for me.  stir until completely melted.  after a few mishaps, i decided to pour the melted candy into a smaller deeper bowl.  i dropped a ball in one at a time, rolled it around using a small fork, then carefully lifted them out and placed them back onto the parchment paper to harden.  at first i used the toothpick method, picking them up and trying to coat them by rolling them in the candy.  what a mess! some broke, the coating became all goopy and messy.  horrible.

to pipe the basketball lines, i melted the chocolate and poured into a piping bag.  you can also pour into a ziplock bag and snip a corner to create your own piping bag.

ziplcok method: hold a ziplock by a bottom corner between your thumb and fingers, fold over the opening and pour your melt into the bag.  by folding over your bag, just like a piping bag, you’ll keep the melt inside the bag and not all over the opening when you close it to pipe.  push the air out and close the ziplock bag.  with a pair of kitchen scissors, snip the bottom corner according to the size you want.  pipe away.

OMG- piping on a circular object is hard! it took a while to get used to it and had i exercised some patience and restraint, i would have practiced on other things first before going directly onto the basketballs.  oh well.  it was fun to do anyhoo.


basketball backboards were created in photoshop, glued onto large wooden toothpicks for each cupcake.


*TIP: if you are driving these to a different location, place them carefully into the car! i placed all the cupcakes neatly into a large cake box but when i put it down into the passenger seat of my car, they all slid into each other.  i completely failed to realize the seat dipped back.  duh!



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