yum yum donuts…

photo 3

it’s the new year! yippee!

2013 was a great year, and i confess, i ended it over indulging eating everything savory, sweet, fried, breaded, glazed, sprinkled, you name it.

so before i start fresh and healthy, i thought a nice batch of donuts would make the best treat before saying goodbye to sugar.

my daughter and i enjoyed making this easy and delicious treat.

we used a can of pillsbury biscuits, again i am no cook or baker, and as a young child i recall making these just like this.

photo 1

ingredients used:

pillsbury biscuits




chocolate chips

vanilla icing


peppermint oreo cookies

food coloring

utensils needed:

chopstick or any kitchen utensil made of wood or silicone  *do not use a lacquered or coated utensil in hot oil

plate covered with a paper towel

cookie racks over cookie sheet

photo 2


heat enough oil in a pan to cover half a donut.

poke a hole in the biscuit with your fingers and gently lay it into the hot oil.

photo 3


photo 2

using a wooden chopstick or utensil, carefully flip each donut after a minute or so, or until golden brown.

photo 4


photo 3

dry donuts on a paper towel to soak up extra oil.  then transfer to a cookie rack for decorating.

photo 5

for cinnamon sugar donuts, mix cinnamon and sugar in a shallow bowl. swirl each donut on both sides until fully coated.

photo 4


for a quick chocolate glaze, melt chocolate chips in the microwave 15 seconds at a time. stir between each heating session.  dunk your donut and coat one side and place on your cookie rack.

photo 1

cookie crumble donut: we had left over peppermint oreo cookies.  we crushed them and dipped the chocolate coated donuts into the mix.

sprinkled donut: pour sprinkles into a shallow bowl.  dunk chocolate glazed donuts into the mix and coat one side.

photo 2

iced donuts: we had some leftover vanilla cake icing in the fridge.  i melted some in a bowl in the microwave and it made a delicious sweet glaze. it melts fast so only 8 seconds in the microwave will do.  stir well.  my daughter insisted on pink icing so we used a tab of Wilton’s gel color red to create a bubble gum pink.

more donut suggestions:

caramel with bacon

fresh fruit

chocolate shavings

marshmallow melt

powdered sugar






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