teacher gifts, part 2: relaxation themed-boxes…


these were fun to put together.  i like to do something different every year and our teachers give so much of themselves at school that i’m sure they are all looking forward to winter break.  so i put together relaxation-themed gift boxes for about $10 each.  luckily many of the discount shops carry a good selection of fine chocolates, coffees, and other gift items at great prices.


for our male teachers, their boxes included:

3-D wooden strategy puzzle- $4.99 @ TJ Maxx

variety of fine chocolates- $1.50 @ Target

lottery scratch card- $1.00, local gas station

eco to-go box- $0.50, www.warehouserestaurant.com


for our female teachers, their boxes included:

scented candle in glass jar- $1.25 @ IKEA

skinny martini mixer- $1.25 @ TJ Maxx

coffee sugar scrub (ingredients & instructions here)- $1.50 @ Whole Food Market

tin for scrub- $1.99 @ The Container Store

Lottery Scratch Card- $1.00 @ local gas station

variety of fine chocolates- $1.50 @ Target

eco to-go box- $0.50, www.warehouserestaurant.com

a few years ago on a trip to japan, i purchased and have been hoarding washi tape.  of course now you can purchase similar tapes made from scotch tape at target and office supply stores.  now that i don’t have to be stingy with the tape anymore, i liberally wrapped each box with washi tape.  i made the labels in photoshop and printed them out on sticker paper which i purchased from Office Depot.  so overall they probably cost about $0.15 each.

for our administrators at the school, i bagged tea my husband brought back from a recent trip to taiwan.

almost done.  tomorrow i’ll make cookies and candied popcorn with the kids for our support staff.  yum.


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