bullfrog cake…


for her wedding, my sister-in-law requested a swampy themed cake with a bullfrog, possibly with a gig in it.  this was for the groom’s cake.  apparently he “gigs” for bullfrogs.  i had NO idea what that was and had to google it.  so a gig is a pronged spear to jab into the shallow waters of swamps and lakes to catch bullfrogs.  wow, had no idea.

i decided to keep the cake simple, bullfrog prince with a gig (no blood, if this was halloween, i totally would have added some blood).  the chocolate cake is enough to give that swamp look and feel without having to add a lot of swampy things like leaves and rocks, etc.  i like to keep things simple.

now, if you’ve read my other posts, i don’t like baking cakes.  i buy them and just add my decorations.  costco sheet cakes are only $17.99.  great deal.  all i do if i don’t have time to submit the 24-hour pre-order form to their bakery department, is scrape their decorations off and just re-ice the cake in the color of my choice.

first i molded all the body parts out of rice krispie treats and iced with a layer of icing.






while the iced body chilled in the fridge, i colored some wilton pre-made fondant with some gel colors.  most of my supplies are purchased at michaels craft stores.  one day, i will put the effort into making some of that marshmallow fondant i see all over pinterest.

tip: i use crisco to coat my hands while i color to avoid staining my skin.  it also helps keep the fondant from sticking.  i’m personally not a fan of using powdered sugar while kneading my fondant.



this is really the fun part- covering with fondant and adding all the features.


i painted the entire frog using edible luster powder (mixed with vodka, don’t worry, the liquor evaporates).  also a wilton product.


the crown was made out of gum paste.  gum paste hardens.  fondant doesn’t.  so it’s a great medium for decorations you want to keep firm and don’t want wilting.  it too was painted using gold luster powder. eyes were drawn in using an edible decorating marker.  both gum paste and markers are wilton products.  markers can be purchased at your local grocery in the cake aisle.



the gig was make using rice krispie treats rolled around a bamboo skewer.  the skewer is the only non-edible piece to this entire cake.  had i put more thought into this, i would have make the gig out of gum paste earlier and not had to worry about keeping it stiff and upright.  the gig was then covered in black fondant.  the little label was made out of gum paste and again, i used the edible marker to add a touch of personalization with the bride’s initials.

right before the party, the frog was plopped onto the chocolate store-bought cake, and the gig was stuck in its butt.

the bride’s prince charming.  yum.


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