wall plate…


we have a gift to prepare for a family member’s wedding.  this is her second marriage and although it’s a big celebration, there’s no registry, no specific requests for gifts.  we can’t go empty handed so i thought it would be sweet to make something fun and personal.  plus i always do find handmade gifts so much more meaningful and special.  (i’m sure not everyone feels the same way, oh well).

a cute decorative wall plate came to mind, don’t ask me why.  i couldn’t stop thinking about making a plate.  odd, right?

i bought a solid white plate from the IKEA as-is section for $2.  last time i was at michael’s craft store, i picked up a few sharpie oil markers on sale, i think $1.50 each? i thought i was going to paint on the plate too and purchased this set of pebeo paint, but didn’t use it for this project in the end.  i use pebeo’s fabric paint and love this product.


it’s a plate so i felt compelled to keep the artwork and/or quote food-related.  i could have done the traditional burger and fries, or pb&j, or bacon and eggs.  but no.  i think sushi is so much cuter.

the artwork was sketched out and using a pencil, i colored the backside in order to create a carbon copy and traced it onto the plate.  crafts tuts provided instructions, tips, and inspiration for how i went about transferring my artwork onto the plate.


then very carefully, i used the oil markers and drew out the design and text.

following the instructions on this blog, at home on the bay, the plate was “cured” in the over at 350 degrees for 35 minutes.

they can safely serve food on it or hang it on the wall in the kitchen.


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