burger cake


well sliders to be exact. didn’t know what to make for my hubbie’s birthday cake. really wanted to do an old pickup truck, he’s always talking about owning one. but i just didn’t have time.  sliders and fries just came to mind.

burger buns are cupcakes covered in fondant, patties were brownies,condiments were mix of icing and fondant.  i used sugar cookie dough for the fries.  took me a few attempts as the dough kept getting bigger in the oven.  really had to make thin cookies to make the right proportioned fry (almost threw them all against the wall).


t was a hit.  first time my son ate a ‘burger’… and he wouldn’t even try his fish cake.


2 responses to “burger cake

  1. I love it! The bacon is just fabulous! Well, it all is really… I appreciate all the hard work you put into making this great cake! You have patience and lots of talent 🙂

  2. Fantastic! This is so well done! =D

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