coach gift


we adore the parents that volunteer to coach.  basketball happens to be my favorite sport to watch my son play.

this past christmas he received 2 different over-the-door basketball hoops.  one is in our kitchen and he is constantly throwing the ball from all over the kitchen.  he loves it.  so i thought it would make a fun gift from the team.

i purchased 2 nerf hoops from amazon, for $11.00 each, free shipping (which is what i love about  but i have seen them significantly cheaper at target when they have them in stock.

photo 1

using the backboard as a template, i created our own backboards with images of our coaches, which i altered on photoshop.  the hoop comes with the plastic hardware to hook it over the door and to install the included hoop and net.  i used recycled cardboard, red craft paint, spray adhesive to attach their images and then an exacto knife to cut out the holes for the hardware.

photo 2

needless to say, my son had a blast throwing balls at his coaches’ faces before we presented them at the end-of-season party.  hope they hang them in their own offices, makes for a great stress-relieving activity!


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