fishy cake…


my sweet son turned 9 yesterday.  school day birthdays are kinda tough- the kid’s still in school, still has homework, and still needs to go to bed early.  but luckily, school still lets you celebrate by bringing in treats for the class.

inspiration for his cake: a few weeks ago his teacher tried tunafish for the first time in her life.  the kids wouldn’t stop talking about it.  of course, my child has never tried fish and refuses to even lick the stuff.  our school encourages the kids to be risk takers (in a good way) and trying new foods is pretty risk taking for a child.  so that’s why i decided to poke a little fun at him and make him a fish cake.

chocolate cupcakes for the class were also prepared so the fish cake was not very big, roughly 8 inches in length and 5 inches in width.  enough for 6 slices.


i carved the shape out of the cake, covered it in icing and chilled it in the fridge overnight to harden the icing.


using wilton fondant and gel coloring, i made a fishy gray green color for the scales.  being in a bit of a rush and not being totally prepared, i cleaned a bottle cap to use as my ‘scale’ cutter.


wilton (yay for wilton!) also makes pearl dust in all colors and i mixed dark green and white pearl to give the fish it’s final scaly sheen coat.  wilton’s cake markers came in handy for the eyeball.  yum.

photo 3

the kids were all tickled by the cake…my son? didn’t want any of it b/c it looked too much like a real fish.  oh well.


2 responses to “fishy cake…

  1. Oh my, this is so amazing! I like it! =)

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