crayon pouch…

photo 1

while holiday shopping with a friend, she noticed a fabric crayon pouch and wanted to purchase it for her 18 month old son.  i told her i would just make one for her.  now, my intention was to have it for him for christmas.  well, now it’s an early chinese new year gift.

i’ve never made anything like this and just kind of improvised.  i did pick out cute fabrics before the holidays and hoped it would be enough.

photo 1

i mapped out the pattern for the pouch:

outside/inside panel- chosen patterned fabric  10.5″H x 14.5″L

crayon pouch- patterned fabric 3.5″H x 18″L

stabilizer- hemp twill 10.5″H x 14.5″L

strap- patterned fabric 2.5″H x 22″L

i covered one fat crayola crayon with fabric and measured how much fabric it took to cover it side to side.  this measured 1.5″ across over a 1″ space.  so for 8 crayons, the bottom measured 8″ and the fabric needed to make 8 crayon pockets measured 18″ in length.  i’m sure there is a better way to do this but this was my spontaneous method.

photo 2

using blue painter’s tape, b/c i could not for the life of me find my washable marker, i marked where each pocket needed to be sewn, in 1″ increments.  i also marked the pocket fabric every 1.5″ for the stitch line.  does this make sense? again, i’m a novice sewer so i’m doing my best here.

photo 3

after all pockets were sewn, i stitched along the bottom edge creating gussets for each pocket.

next i sewed the strap, basically folding it in half lenghwise and stitching it along the turned in edge.  i folded the end inward to create a nice clean seam.

photo 4

both the stabilizer and outside panel were sewn together and then placed atop the pocket panel, right sides facing each other.

photo 3

very carefully i sewed all around the edges, tucking in the strap and sewing it midway, then left an opening at the top in order to turn the entire thing right side out.  (the strap was sewn too high, i forgot the pouch folds over so the strap wound up higher than i had wanted.  but it still wraps fine).

photo 2

with care, i turned the entire thing right side out through the small opening and pressed it all out with an iron.  to create a finished look, i sewed a finishing stitch all around the pouch.

photo 4

i’m soooo surprised it actually works! not the neatest sewing job but i’m happy.  hope my little friend is happy with it too!


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