eight is great!


my sweet baby’s 8th birthday was earlier this month….but couldn’t for the life of me come up with a theme for the celebration.  he couldn’t either.  so it was an all around hodge podge of silas-centric interests.

a little pokemon here, a little bey blade there, a little bit of legos, bowling, pizza and cake.  oh, and a pinata.  had to have one of those, that was actually the one specific request he made.

the thought of taking a group of boys out and about and keeping track of them led me to make t-shirts for all of them of the same color…just easier to spot when you’re in a crowd.  i screen-printed “eight is great” on all of them and the boys wore them that night, some to sleep, and all of them put them back on in the morning after breakfast.  i think they like them.

screen-printing instructions will be in my next post.

silas is really into bey blades these days so i decided to make a fairly large bey blade.  initially it was going to be an arena with one little blade in it but it would have been way too difficult to do in one night.

this is the cake, about the size of a 9″ round cake:


the bottom half is molded rice krispie treats and only the top is cake with painted fondant.  i found these great cookie decorating pens with brush tips made by Wilton.  i found them to be a lot easier to use than their market tip pens.  i have to say, rice krispie treats with cake and icing rocks!




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