the not-so-creepy-rat cake…

cake served on crumbled butcher paper

in my head i envisioned a creepy icky rat cake for my friend’s halloween birthday.  as you can tell, it’s not creepy, it’s not icky.  it’s more of a cute cartoon-networky mouse.  oh well, i tried.  we served this at our halloween party.

to mimic the old-school mouse trap, i used a cut wooden board and painted a large red “H” for my friend’s last name using painter’s tape and red water-based ink.

i made the accessories out of gum paste: ears, gnarly teeth, long rat tail, itty bitty nose, piece of cheese, and the coiled metal spring for the trap.  i made all these the day before to allow ample time to dry.  i also coated the metal piece with edible silver paint. for the eyes i used red hots (remember those?).  dabs of white icing helped adhere the pieces to the wooden board.

my hubbie dropped the cake on the floor, he had one too many to drink

for the rat/mouse, i wanted to use red velvet cake mix but the day i went to the store, they didn’t have any in stock.  so i settled with a white cake and thought i could just add some red gel dye.  not so successful idea.  i only managed to get a dark pink for the cake mix.  this particular cake mix was too moist and a bit greasy.  carving the cake into the rat/mouse shape proved incredibly challenging and i couldn’t even spread a decent crumb coat as the cake would just break off when the icing touched it.  honestly, i just started lathering the stuff on the cake with my fingers just enough to get a coating on it.  then i stuck it back in the fridge with my fingers crossed hoping it would harden enough for me to do the final coating.  i mixed gray icing and how i managed to even get any of it on the cake is a mystery.  i’ve never experienced this before and so i don’t think i’ll buy this particular brand of cake mix again.  but after doing some research online, i think i will make a royal icing instead and pour it over the cake to avoid the crumby mess should it happen again.


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