Scarecrow in the Garden

Atlanta’s Botanical Garden will have their annual Scarecrows in the Garden exhibit next month.  if you’re in the neighborhood, you must check it out.  organizations, schools, groups from around the metro-atlanta area create their own scarecrow/sculpture to display during this one month event.  the entries are displayed throughout the garden and they are super creative and fun.

this year i started a local youth development organization, HOP SKIP & SERVE, with a friend of mine El Baker.  we organize age-appropriate volunteer opportunities for children and their families around Atlanta.  we thought participating in this community-oriented event would be a wonderful way to present HOP SKIP & SERVE in a creative way.  so we applied for the exhibit and got accepted.

so the idea for our ‘scarecrow’ is to have 3 children sitting on top of each other’s shoulders with the top child holding a sign saying SERVING TOGETHER.  i think it represents collaborative community service in a youthful way.

now on to the actual creating…the fun part!

in small working groups, we will plaster heads using balloons, paint and decorate faces, stuff the bodies using hay, cloth the children using donated items, and then assemble everything using PVC pipes, wiring, probably a lot of heavy-duty glue, and wood.  we’ll see how that all goes when we actually get to the gardens next week to assemble the scarecrow.

so far we’ve  plastered the heads and will be painting and decorating this weekend.

here’s what we used:

balloons for heads

chicken wire to connect balloons to body of scarecrow

plaster gauze strips, can be purchased at craft stores or medical supply stores

water, to wet the strips

zoe using plaster gauze strips on a balloon to create a head

group working on 3 heads

3 heads drying….

i used smaller pieces of plaster gauze for the facial features.  after wetting the smaller pieces, i just added them to the dry heads to create dimensional features.
next step, painting and decorating…coming soon! phase II…

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