buyer’s remorse….

spring is here, the sun is shining, and our back deck is FINISHED.  so naturally, i go shopping.  shopping for outdoor furniture.

not easy. not easy on a tight budget.

of course i started with the idea of upcycling some wooden pallets left in our backyard but then discovered my husband gave them away to a neighbor (who probably wanted to do the same thing).

then i scoured craigslist and ebay and didn’t come up with any alternatives.

so in an almost obsessive manner, i searched online.  after weeks of comparing prices and styles and debating (with myself), i was struggling between 2 sets. 2 completely different sets.

Ammero Collection

Strathwood Balboa Collection

IKEA or an AMAZON brand….hm……which one was going to last? which one was going to look good? which one was priced better?

welll, they were both priced about the same, it was the look & quality that stumped me.  we adore IKEA but acknowledge that outside of their kitchens, their furniture is pretty low-grade.  you get what you pay for.  the look of their new line of outdoor furniture is super cute, but is it super cheap too?  then i convinced myself that the cushions just didn’t look all that comfy.

so i settled with this brand on AMAZON, the strathwood balboa collection.  given that the frames are all wood and will age to a silvery gray, which is what i like, i figured if anything it’ll last longer.

so i placed the order.  3 armless chairs, 1 corner chair, 1 ottoman.

THEN…after i pressed ORDER, i started to regret the purchase.  how could i have purchased furniture online after not seeing it in person? what if it sucks? what if we don’t like it? do i have to disassemble everything and put them back in their original packaging? how am i going to do that?

i’ve never purchased furniture online before, never.  as much as i shop online, i’ve never purchased furniture that i have not seen in person.

now, 4 days later, i have these large boxes delivered from UPS sitting in my backyard waiting to be opened and pieces waiting to be assembled.

ugh…i hope this works out!


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