Wall Art- Tree w/Birdies

a dear friend is pregnant and busy preparing the baby room.  i so desperately wanted to do something for her and she asked that i paint a tree over the crib.  yippee!

the color scheme in the room is green & blue (she’s having a boy) and the theme includes birds, animals, and trees.  so i wanted to keep this wall simple so as not to take away from all the fun details she’s been adding to the space.  you can tell she’s so excited.

first i taped up the outline of the tree.  i used blue painter’s tape for the outline and cut smaller pieces for the bark accents.

then i painted the tree off-white.

once that was dry, i used basic adhesive contact paper to make the stencils for all the leaves and birds.  they were hand-drawn and cut out individually and placed where i wanted them all to be.  i had to really press and use my fingernail to make sure the contact paper was sticking on the wall around the cut stencil to minimize paint bleeding.

two coats of craft paint and it’s done!

oh, and she requested a little birdie to be perched above the mirror.  yes, i wore blue for the occasion.

total cost: less than $2.00 worth of materials for sure!

what i would do differently next time: the walls are old plaster walls with lots of texture.  i would use better painter’s tape, ones that claim no bleeding.  my taping wasn’t the cleanest which irked me but it looks okay.


One response to “Wall Art- Tree w/Birdies

  1. this is adorable! how exciting….new baby??? LOVE!

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