custom brew…

beer.  yum.

in an effort to engage parents at our school in our IB curriculum this past winter, our IB PYP coordinator created a parent class: Parent Unit of Inquiry on Beer.  yup, beer.

during one of our classes we took a tour of the 5 seasons brewery and was guided through their basement by brewmaster and co-owner, crawford.  a great conversation developed about brewing, hops, etc. and one thing lead to another.  one of our parents coincidentally has family that grows hops in belgium and crawford agreed to let us brew our own beer!!! i’m not kidding.

so belgian hops were fedexed to the brewery and one day in december, we spent 9 hours breweing our beer.  what an experience!

6 weeks later the beer was ready and celebrated the brew over a chinese new year celebration fundraiser for the PTA (our school teaches mandarin chinese so this is a big holiday for the school).

our PTA annual auction was just a couple of weeks ago and the 5 seasons generously provided us 5 bottles to auction off.

i won 2 of the bottles during the live auction and think it’s worth every penny of the $125 i paid for it.  great memories, and a great cause.


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