jedi artwork

some of silas’ stormtrooper drawings 4-6 years of age

(we could’ve done a better job with the layout and spacing of the pieces on the wall)

okay, now i know this is a biased remark but silas really is a wonderful artist.  yup, i’m going to start bragging, but just a little.  his perspective, detail, and storytelling amaze me.  his drawings are funny (notice the piece with the trooper in the water and the one rising up guns firing).

his stormtroopers especially have such personality.  both kids love to draw and i’ve been fairly good at keeping their artwork from the time they were itty bitty.  so once i collected a nice array of his stormtrooper art, i decided it was time to showcase his work on his bedroom wall.

i wanted his work to stand out so instead of framing them, i adhered them to custom cut pieces of wood and then mounted those individually to the wall.

cutting images sized to wood

applying modge podge

laying image on top of the modge podge

dry and ready to hang

let me back track a little…i printed the images on card stock paper for a nice stiff solid print.  then i sprayed a protective spray made specifically for inkjet prints to keep the ink from running.  i did this because i originally intended to modge podge/seal each piece not only for protection but for a nice matt finish.  but once the pieces were dry, i really liked the way they looked without the matt finish on top.  but since i sprayed them, they are protected (from what i don’t know cuz i’m sure grubby little hands can always leave marks).

now time to sort through a few more stacks of stormtrooper drawings to add to the wall….


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