jedi bash

jedi training camp birthday invite

still can’t believe my baby is now 7 years old, 7!

we asked what he wanted to do for his party…”i want a star wars party….a slumber party”.  hm.  surprise surprise.  the boy LOVES star wars, well the star wars clone wars to be exact.

so star wars it is and to make it a bit more exciting, we made the theme a jedi training camp.  a quick google search gave me a list of fun ideas for jedi games and birthday cake ideas.

of course i spent more time thinking about what to make for the boys to take home with them.  keeping in the them of reusable and functional, i decided to make the boys their own personal jedi glass.  i’ve always wanted to use etching cream so here was my chance.  check it out here.

i was a bit nervous about the cake and didn’t want to commit to a design that would be too much and too difficult.  so when i saw this deathstar cake on a cake site, i knew it was the one.  now i’ve never baked a round cake before but i love a manageable challenge.  check it out here

dilemma: how are theses boys going to take their glasses home safely? as much as i try to avoid packaging at our parties, i gave in and purchased paper bags.  but it gave me another opportunity to have fun and customize! during the party we took gazillion photos of the boys in their star wars garb playing.  while they were watching their movie at night, i used photoshop to create custom images for the bags.

whew! done! so much fun.


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