deathstar cake

luckily, michaels had wilton’s round sports ball cake pan!!!

now, i baked the 2 halves longer than instructed, about 15-20 minutes longer just to get the center cooked through and it did not burn the sides at all.  i popped the halves out after it cooled off and then let the cake cool off completely before icing.

pokes cut a piece of wood for the base and i iced that with black, there was really no need for a sheet cake plus the ball for only 8 boys and i did not want to have left over cake in the house for me to eat.

with just a few drops of black in white icing i had the grey for the deathstar.  with just a drop of blue in that grey, i got the blue for the detailing.  i used bar straws to make the blast like the inspiration cake and purchased a star wars ship to add to the base.  luckiy i had some grey glitter ice cream sprinkles and that really helped the black look like space.  the letters were hand cut out of fondant to finish the cake.


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