baby shower cake…

sushi cake decorations

i love cake decorating! i cannot tell you how many hours zoe and i have spent watching cake boss, ace of cakes, food network cake challenges, and cupcake wars.  many many hours.  it’s addicting and so much fun to watch them create these amazing cakes out of sugar.  so any chance i get to play with this stuff, i take it.

so when a friend was planning a baby shower, i jumped at the chance to make the cake.  now i adore the mom-to-be so i really wanted to have fun with this cake.

now i conducted my usual google search of images for ideas and honestly, all i saw were cakes with babies on them….i just could not get myself to make a baby just to cut into it and eat it, that’s just a little weird.  so i figured, why not make a cake of foods she’s craving now that she’s pregnant?

what is she craving?

sushi, tater tots, and cherry soda.  yup! (had to throw in the bottle of tums cuz who doesn’t go through pregnancy needing those????

cake: store-bought, remember, i don’t bake.

coke: rice krispy treat molded and covered with gum paste & fondant, painted with silver luster

tater tots: rice krispy treats

sushi: rice krispy treats covered in gum paste

tums bottle: rice krispy treat molded and covered in gum paste & fondant

chopsticks: fondant, which is why they’re so warpy, fondant doesn’t get as hard as gum paste

gum paste: dry mix (just add water) from michaels craft store

fondant: ready made, white (just add color gels) from michaels craft store


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