>what to do for lunch?


zoe’s sushi lunch- nothing fancy
oh lunch…every school morning it takes me approximately 40 minutes to prepare and pack the kids’ lunches.  this is on top of making breakfast, checking their backpacks, and barking at them to hurry up with their morning routines so they’re not late for school.  
lunch-making is tedious but not terribly difficult- my children only eat a handful of things for their packed lunches so it’s just a matter of ensuring there’s enough variety during the week so they actually eat it all.  
a typical meal includes a starch: rice or pasta, a vegetable: peas, corn, edamame, string beans, and a fruit: banana, apple, cantelope, pears, grapes.  i’ll throw in cheese for silas too.  not too difficult.
on the rare occasion i have a few extra minutes or i’m just in a better morning mood (not often), i will make zoe sushi with leftover rice from dinner the night before.  sushi is a TREAT for zoe, she loves loves loves anything with rice.  she takes after me.
of course you can tell from the photo above that the sushi is nothing fancy…all she requires is either some tofu, fake crab meat, or cucumbers and she’s good to go.  adding a little dispenser for her soy sauce always makes the meal a little special.
as for silas, mac ‘n cheese is his treat and i’m ‘awesome mommy’ when i pack it for him.  how sweet is that?

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