>time for a change…


messy- getting ready for paint job
time for a change….
we’ve been in our home now for 8 years and we love it.  when we first moved in we painted our diningroom a beautiful red, just the right shade.  the color gave the room life and warmth, especially since we got zero sunlight in that room (there are 2 north facing windows).  
but it was time for a change.  pokes didn’t agree as he was attached to the color, it really was a great red.  as much as i too loved the color, i began to feel like the room was old, neglected and a bit dingy.  it’s not fun to have a room in your own home that made you feel that way about it. 
so it was time to go light, well lighter.  
going along with the trend in the house since the renovation of going neutral, i chose the fresh color called relaxed khaki from sherwin williams….luckily, the day the painter was scheduled to come, sherwin williams started their 40% paint sale and i purchased a few gallons of their harmony paint for like $22!!!! that’s a steal!
fresh new look
buy buy red, hello khaki!       i love it! 
can’t tell if pokes likes it, he just keeps saying, “wow, it makes the room look different”…it sure does.
now, i gotta get rid of the fugly light fixture that came with the house…

this?                                                               or this?  nah, too modern.

i can’t remember where i found the above images but will look for their sources and post.

so many styles to choose from and not sure what would work in the room…gotta keep looking.


One response to “>time for a change…

  1. >I love the new color too! The three drop down fixture are very elegant and would look great in you "new" room.

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