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finding a good spot where you can sit and relax, even in your own home can be tough.  before we renovated the house, the only places to sit were the couch in the livingroom or on a bed.  i’m a bit of a couch potato and tv fanatic so sofas are uber comfortable for me.  so sitting on our sofa to watch tv or lay down for a nap was cozy for me.  but with 2 kids, a dog, and creaky old hardwood floors, it wasn’t always relaxing.  

now, our new master bedroom affords us the space to actually have a reading chair.  an extra chair! the only thing extra anything we could fit in our old bedroom was silas’ playpen when he was an infant and that was literally squeezed between my side of the bed and the wall.  again, if you needed to sit anywhere, it was on the bed.

i visited countless online furniture sites, sat in countless chairs in shops all over atlanta to find the right one for our new bedroom.  our local furniture shop, traders, right in my neighborhood of east atlanta village was the last shop i visited, the closest is always the last.  when i sat in ‘the’ chair…i knew immediately it was ‘the’ chair.  i was excited!!!!!

i flilpped through their entire fabric collection and ended up going with the same dark shade of grey as our curtains to keep things simple and to allow me the ability to change things up with accent pillows.  

the order was placed and i waited nearly 2 months for the chair delivery…..it was a brutal wait.

finding a fun pillow for the chair and our room was harder than i thought.  really, it shouldn’t be that difficult but i was being picky.  so i ended up making the darn thing myself.  

i made a pillow out of organic cotton chambray (left over from my sweet t baby days), filled it with pillow stuffing and sewed that closed.  then i made the actual pillow cover using hemp twill.  then i created a stencil using freezer paper and ironed that onto place and painted the front-side of the pillow a bright orange with fabric screen printing ink.  when it dried i removed the freezer paper and heat set the paint.  

this is my favorite spot in the entire house….i love to read, watch the news, fiddle on my laptop, and read to silas on this chair.  silas is reading ‘how to train your dragon’ book 1 and will squeeze next to me and we’ll read together.  very cozy! 

i’m a happy mamma to have my very own reading chair.

now i just have to go looking for that perfect rug to go underneath it…..

One response to “>favorite spot

  1. >I want a spot like this! The pillow was worth all of the extra effort. Hope you are finding time to enjoy it!Next thing you know you will be weaving a rug. Always wanted to do that.

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