>excess packaging


typical restocking at whole foods

ok….so i make a few runs to whole foods in any given week to restock on staples for the house.  the kids eat nonstop and so there are certain items that we are constantly running low on: cereal, pasta, fruit bars, and their beloved morning waffles.  

during a recent trip to whole foods, i noticed how obscenely excessive all the packaging was on the register belt.  geez louise… crazy!

now, i was a bit shocked but quickly settled down as i reminded myself that not only do we recycle all of that packaging, silas and zoe regularly help themselves to the recycle bin for arts and crafts materials.  so not only are we recycling, we are upcycling.  that shed about a snippet of my guilt.

it is important to me to be as conscientious as possible about the things my family consumes but also the amount of waste we produce.  so clearly, materials that are recyclable are key.  of course shopping and consuming less is more ideal but we’ll get to that another day.  

this is what i look for:

– paper that is preferably made from recycled materials and can be recycled again (uncoated)
– plastic that is either #1 or #2.  the other numbers are more challenging to recycle if i’m not 
– glass.  i avoid as much as possible products that are in thick glass containers as thick glass
  is not frequently recycled due to cost and energy requirements, think perfume bottles.
  (zoe’s must-have furikake is our forever exception) 

now, when i purchase produce i forego those annoying plastic bags altogether.  i don’t need them at home, can’t really recycle them, so i avoid them.  a small tote bag just for my fruits and veggies are enough when i bag at the market.  easy peasy.

ps- and those brown bagged items in the photo are small zucchini loaves from the whole foods bakery…..they are sooooooooooooooo yummy!

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