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i miss sweet t baby, my organic baby business.  i miss designing the clothes, working with my local manufacturer (a one woman powerhouse), screenprinting, packaging, labeling, all of it.  but most of all, i miss the community of businesses.  a community of like-minded business folks that want to make a difference, be innovative but thoughtful of the environment and all the people around them.  now that i no longer have sweet t baby, i feel a bit lost.

so in my superficial manner of coping with uncomfortable feelings, i eat and shop.  not compulsively, i don’t think i have a problem since most of this eating is nibbling on the kids leftovers and shopping online with an ongoing wishlist.  not much ‘shopping’ is actually being done, which is good for our bank account and my marriage.

FUZ floppy baskets- recycled rubber and wool felt
it has always been a value of mine to shop local and/or green whenever possible so i like to check out all the new ‘green’ businesses popping up everywhere.  we still have a couple rooms in the house that could use a bit of accessorizing, so i always like to start there….

butterfly jubilee wallpaper
how cute would this wallpaper look in zoe’s room? soooo cute!  maybe we can do this wallpaper just on that strip of wall against the head of her bed.  that would look smashing.

rock door knocker
we just installed a new door since our old one was damaged during our home renovation job.  the old door had wonderful vintage hardware but the original door knocker could not be salvaged.  i like this modern look of the rock knocker….but just not sure if it would match the arts and crafts detailing of the door….hm….maybe i can make it work.


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