fresh new look


the cube…please excuse the dusty lint on it

last spring my in-laws gave us these great floor cushion cubes from their grandkiddy playroom. 3 of them to be exact and they are awesome. each one is a 17″ cube covered in black. the kids love to sit on them, climb on them, roll over them, stack them, throw them at each other, everything.

but black is so dark for their rooms and after many many many months of wanting to do something to them, i finally started to reupholster 2 of them. i figured since the sewing machine’s been sitting on our dining room table i just couldn’t put them off anymore.

i’ve got bolts of this wonderful hemp twill from my baby business days that i’ve used for all sorts of projects and the fabric worked great for the cubes.

after sewing silas’ cube cover, i used dylon’s permanent fabric dye in orange…i wanted it to be a deeper orange but made a mess of the dye bath and lost half the dye to my bathroom floor. thank goodness for mrs. meyers! photos will be forthcoming as it’s still soaking in the dye.

zoe’s room is not overly decorated yet and she has not decided on a wall color. so i wanted to keep her cube simple and fun. luckily i had a nice sized scrap of this floral fabric which works in her room beautifully.

i just need a new camera- this photo sucks

with left over scraps from that project, i sewed up an apron dress for my niece’s sheepy. so cute!!!

One response to “fresh new look

  1. >I sooo need to get sewing with you! Zoe's cube is awesome (as is the apron)!

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