personalized baby blankie

little cousins quilt

i come from a super close family. i have 14 cousins and now many of us have our own families. including zoe and silas, there are 11 little cousins.
earlier this year we welcomed baby ethan, the youngest addition to our growing family. he’s a cutie too.
when my first nephew was born over 10 years ago i started a little tradition of making each new family member (through marriage and pregnancy) a personalized gift representing ‘the cousins’. usually these gifts involve fun photos and custom drawings. so to celebrate my cousin’s pregnancy, i thought it would be fun to make a quilt representing the next generation of little cousins.
rather than use iron-on paper, which usually creates a stiffness to the image and can peel and fade over time, i purchased printable cotton fabric at our local quilting shop. it’s a bit pricey but totally worth it when you get the softness of the cotton. it’s super easy to use. you feed it into your inkjet printer and you peel off the paper backing when you are ready to sew.
using photoshop, i altered the effects of the images so that they are all the same color of green (the baby’s room is sage, brown, and yellow). the images were then printed and cut to size for the quilt.
as always, i had a hard time exercising some restraint at the fabric shop and couldn’t help buy an assortment of fabrics with sagey-green, chocolate brown, and yellow patterns. they don’t all necessarily match but again, i just couldn’t put them down. i figured babies are attracted to a variety of patterns and thought it would appreciate a loud and crazy blankie to play on.

i laid out the images and fabric and sewed each ‘square’ seperately before stitching the entire front side together- using the sewing machine of course. one day i’ll have the patience to hand stitch a quilt. i used organic cotton batting left over from another project in between the front and back and stitched a double border all around the quilt to secure the batting.
to personalize it even more, i created a label printed on the same cotton and sewed that on the back side of the quilt.

stitched label

images of my family members just puts a huge smile on my face, especially of all the kiddos. hopefully this baby will have lots of fun drooling and crawling all over his cousins!!!

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