RANDOM MONDAY ugly monster dolls


my mother-in-law keeps a couple of ugly dolls in her minivan- those super cute monster-like stuffed dolls. my niece and nephew were visiting and all 4 kids were inspired by these stuffed creatures and wanted to make their own. so they did.

first i asked them to draw their monster and then we cut out patterns out of paper (ears, arms, legs, bodies). luckily i had a bag full of fun fabric scraps for them to choose from and some leftover organic cotton batting for the stuffing.

i pulled out the sewing machine and we proceeded to cut, sew, accessorize, and customize. they turned out super cute!!!! of course they each had to have their own stuffed pillow and blankie for bedtime.
ugly doll #5 is for my other nephew that missed out on the sewing extravaganza-
pretty rough instructions: (i’m not the best at photodocumenting my projects so my apologies)

1. cut out fabric (2 layers each)
body, ears, legs
2. sew on face on the ride side of a body layer. then with right sides of each pair together, sew along the sides leaving one side open for stuffing. this would be the side sewn into the body of the monster. invert and stuff each limb liberally.




3. after each ‘limb’ is stuffed, pin inward in place on front side of body. lay the opposite side of body on top and sew all around, leaving a small opening to invert and stuff, and stuff away.

pin limbs to body

sew body layers together with right sides facing in

4. hand-sew last opening closed
ugly monster doll #5


2 responses to “RANDOM MONDAY ugly monster dolls

  1. >Love it, Erica – what a fun project. Heide

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