>pseudo free-ranging


boy can these girls eat!

peck peck peck peck peck all day long.

they are still adjusting to their new home, not quite sleeping in the coop or perching but just settling in right at the top of the gang plank. not sure how to get them in there but i think we may need to lower the perch and replace it with a more rectangular one. pokes installed a fat rod which i think may be too round and smooth for them to perch safely and comfortably.

after a couple of failed attempts to get them to venture out of the coop, i managed to catch them right when they were gathered by the door. i quietly opened the door and sure enough, they came out. the chickies are very curious!

of course imani was kept on the deck and sweet thing didn’t bark or anything, although i’m sure she just wanted to race down and grab one. she’s certainly never going to be allowed near these ladies.

they nibbled on some grass and buggies and then as soon as i brought out their filled feeder and placed it into the coop, they came running back in.


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