>chicks of east atlanta


the chicks are finally home!

they are adjusting to their new home rather well, exploring their run, eating and drinking tons, scratching away in the straw, and finding their way up the gang plank to go to bed at sunset.

the morning after their first night with us i went out to check on them and clean their coop. i was actually quite surprised at how big their poop is!!! big smooshy clumps the size of popcorn. so i grabbed a little hand rake and tossed it about in the pine shavings (we are attempting to do the deep litter method in their coop). no smell and just a few flies so far……

the kids are super excited but we had to set some ground rules about interacting with the chickens, especially important during this initial period. as the chicks are a bit anxious being in a new environment, we asked the kids to not go into the coop at the same time, not to pick them up, and to be as calm and quiet as possible when they are in their space. as you can imagine, a 6 & 8 year old can create quite a bit of chaos rather quickly. of course i’m a bit of a germ- fanatic so they are only allowed to wear designated shoes into the coop and washing hands is a must afterwards.

so far so good. they really are the cutest and sweetest chickens.

matilda (zoe named her after one of her favorite roald dahl characters)

nori (japanese for seaweed)

icky (silas named it)
not sure yet if icky is a male or female australorp. silas’ teacher says to pay attention to the tail, if it goes up, it’s a female, if it stays down, it’s a male. not sure yet if we’ll keep him if he is a rooster but we’ll wait and see!

a couple of things:
-our dog imani is NOT allowed near the coop. she scares the bajeezus out of the chickies.
-gotta buy another bag of diatomaceous earth to sprinkle inside the run to minimize the flies
-remove and compost existing straw in the run and replace with course sand. they can dust bathe in the sand and poop in it without the mess of the straw.


2 responses to “>chicks of east atlanta

  1. >I know Zoe and Silas will make fast friends with the chicks. What a neat project for the kids!

  2. >they are loving having the girls home!as with everything they fight over who gets to feed and enter the coop so of course we had to insist on a 'one-at-a-time' policy.

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