>chicken coop part III

>a little here, a little there…

after a productive weekend, we are finding only a few hours in the early evenings to work on the coop so progress has been a touch slow this week but it’s coming together nicely.

the roof went up the other night and that made a big difference in its appearance. i originally wanted to install the clear plastic corrugated panels to allow more light into the coop- chickens lay more eggs when exposed to more sunlight. with the overgrown tree above the coop, it’s more shaded in the summer, so i thought a clear cover would be a good alternative to an artificial light source down the road. i know it’s not an environmentally-friendly choice of materials but it’s clear and easy to clean. of course you have to wonder if it’s leaching toxins into chicken coop from the heat of the sun….

well, our trip to lowe’s changed that plan pretty quickly. the clear plastic panels (roughly 26″ in width each) were almost $20 each!!! the aluminum was $7. we needed 7 of them, so i immediately thought how lovely an aluminum roof would look on our coop!

the roof went up but pokes still has a bit of adjusting to do- the aluminum is a lot flimsier than expected, i guess less metal to minimize metal use and cost. so i think we may need to add a crossbar to hold up the roof. eventually, we will install a simple gutter system to collect rainwater from the angled roof.

the chicken coop is completely enclosed with chicken wire. it is completely predator-proof…we hope.


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i went through numerous decorating ideas for the coop. initially i thought we would paint it to mimic our main house: gray with white trim. then i realized the coop is my blank canvas and that i can pretty much do whatever i want to the facade. if it didn’t look good or if i wanted a change, i can just pull out the can of primer and start over. so i played with the idea of doing monochromatic bands of color around the body of the coop, then i thought about an asian-inspired print in a large format, or maybe just let the kids have their way with it (no- i’m too much of a control-freak to do that). well my thoughts kept returning to my organic dress with poppy print (sweet t baby was my line of organic children’s wear that closed earlier this year). i loved my poppy print. so why not paint it onto the coop?

painter’s tape came in handy to form the stencils of the print. i hand painted the stems. i have to say it was a bit frustrating painting today- it was uber humid and the painter’s tape would not stick properly and the paint would not dry. so it’s not as clean as i’d like it to be but i’ll go back with a brush and touch it up on another day.

for fun i added “for the birds” above the soon-to-be pop door. i printed out the text in Greasy Spoons font and then cut out the letters using an exacto knife and used that as a stencil. again, painting this was not fun in the humidity today and the paint bled a bit under the stencil. a white paint pen helped clean up the lines.
still to do…
paint screen door
build pop door
build gangplank
build coop door
install back wall- not sure if we have enough flooring for the siding so we’ve got to get wood
lay down vinyl underlayment inside the coop- for easy cleaning
lay down gravel and river sand for the run and pine shavings for the coop


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