chicken coop part II


worked another full day on the coop and it really is almost done!

2 days so far and we got a lot accomplished. this has really become a wonderful family project with both kids enthusiastically helping with every step.


the kids and i painted the frame in a gray exterior primer. the plan is to paint over the primer in another color- actually just a different shade of gray. i just can’t decide which shade, so the coop will stay this primer gray for now, or forever depending on my motivation level.

silas exclaimed how much he ‘loves’ this color of gray and that we don’t need to paint over it. of course, he then added shortly afterwards that he didn’t want to spend another day painting because his arms and hands were too tired!

he does kinda take after me.


pokes spent quite a bit of time on the siding, which was the old wood flooring from our kitchen. the stack had been sitting under a tarp for a little over a year. surprisingly, the wood was in pretty good shape. he sanded and custom cut each piece and it looks fantastic. the overall appearance of the old wood gave the coop an old rustic charm and i even considered leaving it that way…but my overwhelming need for the coop to match the house overcame that moment of spontaneous creativity.
nesting boxes

to save space inside the coop, we decided to build out the nesting boxes. we’re only starting off with 3 little chickens but this way, we will have room in the inside for more down the road.
we used more salvaged wood from our house for 2 side by side boxes. each box measures 15″w x 15″h x 12″d. the top edge of the nesting boxes slopes downward so rain and debris won’t settle on the cover. it’s the perfect height for the kids to reach in….one day, we’ll have them fetch for fresh eggs! sounds so southern doesn’t it?
just a bit more painting…

we kept finding little places here and there to paint. painting over the course of 7 hours today felt like f-o-r-e-v-e-r….and we still have more to finish it up.
sweet zoe hung out all day and eagerly waited for every opportunity to paint. she even got to use the nail gun and drill with her dad…i stood back nervously watching.
silas contributed earlier in the day but he spent his afternoon watching star wars lego clips and making paper crafts inside the house. he created a 3-D paper house setting for the tom & jerry paper figures he drew and cut out. this kept him quite busy for a few hours.
he really does take after me.
coming soon….
build pop door and ramp
build coop door
trim out windows
enclose entire coop with metal hardware cloth
trim out frame
install corrugated aluminum roofing
add mulch and hay to floor and wood pellets in the coop
hand feeders and watering container
oh, and pick up the chicks and bring them home!

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