bloody pig head cake…

   photo 4 photo 5

yeah, sounds gross but it was for halloween.  as always, i feel the need to come up with some gruesome cake for our annual halloween party.  what’s grosser than a raw pig head?

of course i used red velvet cake mix for the head itself.  i covered the head with marshmallow fondant, first time ever making my own marshmallow fondant and it was super easy, super cheap, but not as easy to color. this was tinted pinkish peach to look fleshy.

photo 1

using a mixture of deep red and brown food paints, the head was colored with a scrunched up paper towel dipped in the paints.  this technique really gave it a just-butchered raw look.

photo 2

photo 3

and…the filter on my iphone help make it look grosser when i photographed it :)

baseball cake…

photo (1)

i’ve done this before for a friend’s birthday party.  this one was for my son’s end-of-season baseball pizza party.  didn’t come out as good as the first time i made a hat and ball, but luckily for me, the boys were so ravenous and excited to get cupcakes (under the hat and ball), that they didn’t stop to really notice. phew!

watercolor masking fluid 2…

trumpet painting

i’m really enjoying this technique….painted a piece for my father-in-law of my son playing his trumpet.

what i’m in love with…

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